the horus journey

Luxor Temple, 250 x 200mm, oil on canvas, 2007. Egypt.

Driving from the airport to the Nile Corniche - there was Luxor Temple; an amazing symphony of stone and belief. I drew and drew and became exhausted - a lifetime would not be enough to appreciate Egypt. SOLD

 Au fond du temple [Horus Journey series], 230 x 305mm, oil on canvas, 2008. Great Hypostyle Hall at Karnak, Egypt.

Deir-al-Bahri [Horus Journey series], 300 x 300mm, oil on canvas, 2008. Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, Thebes. Egypt.

Nile at Asswan [Horus Journey series], 300 x250mm, oil on canvas, 2007. Egypt.

Colonnade of the Temple of Isis, Philae [Horus Journey series], 200 x 200mm, oil on board, 2008. Egypt.