a bit about me ...

Travelling equipment - I use A5 hardbacked sketchbooks with good quality cartridge paper, a tiny W&N watercolour set, 3 travelling brushes, a set of Derwent Inktense pencils, 2B pencil, sepia fine liner, rubber, pencil sharpener - and that's it. If I am travelling really light I leave the Inktense pencils behind. The three sketchbooks in the picture went round the world on the Saltwaterdreaming journey. They were looked through by Park Rangers on Easter Island, the Ice Pilot in Antarctica, Solomon Islanders and all sorts of other people in between. When I packed a 'grab bag' after the April 2nd 2007 earthquake and tsunami in the Solomons it contained my passport, wallet, sketchbooks and paints. Nothing else mattered!


Member of East London Fine Art Society
Aug 2008 - The Peepshow, Anne Bryant Gallery
Sept 2008 - Port Rex Annual Exhibition, Courtenay-Latimer Hall
Nov 2008 - East London Fine Art Society Annual Exhibition - Anne Bryant Gallery